Sunday, April 4, 2010

Who Moved My Donkey?

Who doesn't love a good, cheap, authentic Mexican restaurant? Communists. That's who. I highly recommend El Rancho Grande (which I believe translates to "the big ranch"), located in a quaint little strip mall just off exit 3 of 471, near Newport, Kentucky.

With a cozy atmosphere of authentically tiled floors and brick walls, complete with paper cut-outs declaring "Fiesta!" dangling here and there from the ceiling panels, no one can accuse El Rancho's decorator of blowing the budget on over-the-top flare. Maybe that's why the menu prices are so reasonable and the margaritas so ... heady. Even the local college students don't mind spending precious food allowances on a cup of melted white cheese with their free, warm tortilla chips.

Speaking of local colleges, Daymar College is right next door, probably even shares a dumpster with El Rancho out back.

El Rancho's biggest draw, however, is its mascot. Right outside on the strip-mall sidewalk, there's a little donkey statue. As far as donkey statues go, this one's in want of a little love. His paint is chipping, giving the illusion that he's turning gray, and he's missing both of his ears. He disappeared for a few weeks, only to be returned to a spot about three feet away from where he was originally bolted to the cement. But he's back now, and safe, and I will continue to photo-document each of my visits to El Rancho with the lovable aging donkey out front.

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  1. I will be sure to visit the Grande after reading this blog post. You know how to sell a girl on a cheap Mexican restaurant. It was the mention of Daymar College and dumpsters that really did it for me. See you there for heady Margaritas and earless donkeys soon!